Hello! and welcome to my dream diary!

I'm using this webzone to share my oniric experiences, all entries are posted in no particular chronological order, i write/draw them down as i recall them.

My dreams can be very abstract and surreal, and sometimes very difficult to describe, i try to get as close as possible from what i saw, both for writings and art, even tho for the latter there might be a certain level of interpretation involved (for obvious reasons).

- unless stated otherwise, all drawings and illustrations are made by me -
- recommended browsers: FireFox or Chrome-based, NOT optimized for mobile, sorry, not sorry lol -

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● Changelog ●

9.7.22 - Added new text entries
30.5.22 - Overhaul is complete: major debugging and code clean-up, improved layout, minor visual changes
29.5.22 - I pray to the HTML and CSS gods for help, please have mercy
25.5.22 - Attempting to rework most of the code, pages will get borked for a while
11.5.22 - New text entry
29.3.22 - Added more text entries
23.3.22 - Added 3 text entries
18.3.22 - Added a section for text-only entries so i don't have to paint every single one of them
10.3.22 - 2 new entries added
19.2.22 - added miscellany page in the "about" section
18.2.22 - added guestbook page
12.2.22 - new entry
I'm looking into adding a guestbook somewhere in the future
27.1.22 - new entry
10.1.22 - added image thumbnails in the archive section
7.1.22 - new entry
4.1.22 - added pagination :3, minor aestetic tweaks
3.1.22 - added a proper navbar
i was also supposed to add proper pagination to diary entries but i'm too tired and my brain is popcorn, gonna do that tomorrow ಥ_ಥ
28.11.21 - minor aestetic tweaks
16.11.21 - added a new entry
4.11.21 - added a new entry
20.10.21 - added more entries
12.10.21 late - added a couple of entries
12.10.21 early - finally done with the site's graphics, now attempting to clean up the code
7.10.21 - Some minor tweaking, added the first two entries
5.10.21 - working really hard to get shit done, the site is finally somewhat presentable (and functional)